Like a regular walk, with more pit stops and more treats!

These sessions are designed with you and your best friend(s) in mind, to guarantee you all have a fun, relaxed experience and receive images you can treasure forever. See the gallery here.

Step 1: Choose a package and any optional extras




30 minute session for one pet

Location of your choice

3 x Edited Digital Images




One hour session for up to two pets

Location of your choice

10 x Edited Digital Images

£50 toward artwork 




The Premium Package

Two hour session for up to two pets

Location of your choice

20 x Edited Digital Images

£100 toward artwork


Extra Pet

£15 + one free

digital image

Extra Images

£10 per digital image



Step 2: Use the contact page to tell me

  • Your choice of package and optional extras

  • Your location and chosen shoot location if you have one in mind already

  • Your pets name, species and breed

I will then get back to you to book a date and location for our photoshoot. This can be your home, your favourite walking route or one of my special locations.

If the location is further than 15 miles from Frome, Somerset, some extra travelling fees may occur.

Step 3: The Session

We meet up at our agreed location and I spend time making sure your furry, scaly or feathery 

friend is comfortable with me and my camera.

I work my magic to capture their true personality within beautiful compositions taking into account their features, expressions and environment. Here are some top tips to make the most out of the session:

  • Bring along some of your pets favourite treats and toys

  • Give your pet a good brush or bath before your shoot to make them extra soft and shiny

  • Put their favourite collar on


If you are not confident with your pets recall, I am able to edit out leads and even people in the post production process. You are very welcome to join in the shoot so you can cherish the memories of the bond you have with your pet forever.

Step 4: The Decision

I will share with you the best images from the shoot from which you choose your favourites. For the Daisy package this will be via e-mail, for the Tulip and Rose packages, this will be at a private session - usually in the comfort of your home.


At this point you can choose to receive extra images and discuss printing and album options.

Step 5: Share!

You are welcome to share your new images on social media and get them printed as much as you like. I still retain full copyright so I can show off your beautiful pets on my profiles too!

Disco 01.jpg
Lakota Fields 7.jpg

My dog isn't very well behaved - can you still photograph them?

What I love most about dogs are their unique characters! Whilst it is useful for your dog to understand 'sit' and 'stay' - it is not always neccessary as a lot of the images will be action shots! Candid moments with your pets are often the ones you cherish the most, and I am great at capturing these just as they happen so don't worry if your pet is a bit naughty or energetic - you will still recieve images which reflect their personality perfectly! I am also very good at editing out leads and even people from images!

My dog is elderly or ill and might not manage an hour's walk, what could we do?

Having an elderly dog myself, I fully understand that sometimes an hour is too long for a dog to maintain energy and interest. Please contact me to find out about my special 30 minute shoots especially for you.

I can't decide where to have the shoot!

Somerset, Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol provide us with the most beautiful settings for photo shoots which I am very happy to share with you. If you are stuck on where to have a shoot, let me know where you live and I can help choose a location that is near you.

How long in advance do I need to book?

If you have a specific date you would like a session to take place I would suggest booking with me 2-4 weeks in advance.

What are your available dates?

Sessions usually take place at the weekend or a bright sunny evening. We will work out a day where the weather forecast looks bright and sunny, and suits us both well.

What if it rains?

Unfortunately the British weather is very unpredictable, so sometimes we do need to reschedule sessions. When this happens I will give as much notice as possible and rearrange a date for the near future. Sometimes I will try to bring a session forward to not miss out on a beautiful bright day if the forecast for our shoot is bad. Flexibility and care is all part of the package here!

Do you offer prints and physical copies?

I know some great printers in the local area and will happily organise your images to be printed, mounted or framed. I will soon be offering some specialist products so watch this space!

My dog is an assistance dog - are there any discounts available?

Yes! If you provide proof with your booking you are entitled to 20% off your session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to drop me an email if any of your

queries are not answered here