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5 things I do after every photography session

Each and every Photography Session is a unique collaboration of skills and story-telling, so it’s important that I keep my kit, body and mind in good nick, so I’m ready for the next one!

Celie with her client Poppy laughing as they look through the photos on the camera
Poppy Oakley with Celie Nigoumi '22

1. Back up

I shoot onto two memory cards in each camera. One card from each gets labelled and stored in a protective case. It's not reused until the gallery has been delivered.

The other is backed up onto two hard-drives immediately and these are backed up onto a third, weekly.

2. Cull the images as soon as I can

This is the stage where I choose the best images to go onto edit and deliver.

I actually have three culling stages, but I do the first one as soon as possible after the session while it’s still fresh in my mind. Remember, you’ll always get the best of the best!

3. Store my gear safely

My kit is very valuable and has been built up over many years of hard work and saving. I treat it better than I have treated myself in the past!

I check for any scratches or damage, give them a clean and put them back in their special beds (yep, you read that right).

4. Recharge my batteries

I charge the used batteries that so they're ready for the next shoot. I also recharge my own batteries.

After completing the first 3 steps, I’ll take the dog for a walk, then chill on the sofa with a book, a snack and a cuppa.

5. Give myself a pat on the back

Acknowledging that the time and energy I’ve put into planning and successfully fulfilling the session is a really important part of the process.

I also tell my client how incredibly proud they should be of doing the thing!

I am forever grateful to my wonderful clients who trust me enough to see them in a way that not many others will.

Young woman with long brown hair in a white top standing in front of a large plant in deep thought
Hannah Jones by Celie Nigoumi


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