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5 things I do before every photography session

You're hiring me for my expertise, skill and passion for what I do, and I bring it every time - here's how!

Celie with her client Poppy laughing as they look through the photos on the camera
Poppy Oakley with Celie Nigoumi '22

1. Have a big breakfast

To keep the creative ideas flowing and to stop me getting hangry.

I also bring snacks and water for us both.

2. Listen to the music my client loves

There's space on the Questionnaire to tell me about the podcasts and music you like.

I make a playlist inspired by this for the shoot and listen to this before we meet to get 'into the zone'.

3. Format my memory cards

Ensuring my memory cards are ready to use is arguably the most important parts of my prep.

No working memory cards = no pictures and videos.

4. Pack all the extras

Spare camera & lenses ✅