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A business invested is always personal

It’s a way of telling yourself:

💰 My goals are important

💰 I will be successful enough make this money back (and more)

💰 I trust my own decisions 

💰 It’s OK to ask for support 

💰 I am worth betting on

All of these business owners (+ over 30 more) took the bold, courageous decision to invest in my services last year. 

Although the idea of having their photo taken may have brought up some anxiety along with the excitement, they trusted me to make the experience easy, and the images beautiful. 

They all knew that their value, expertise and ambition was worth the investment of time, money and energy. 

They also knew the outcome would make a huge difference to their sense of self as well as their business.

I’ve never had a client tell me that they feel less confident, less motivated, less ambitious or less connected to themselves after a working with me. It’s always the opposite. That’s what trusting yourself does! 

It grounds you. It holds you. It brings peace and aspiration. It helps you reconnect with your goals and brings you closer to them. 

I’d love to hear how your past business investments have made you feel?

Have they boosted your confidence?

Have they encouraged you to make other decisions within your business that you were hesitant about before? 

Please me know below 👇🏽

I'm now booking Brand Photography Experiences from May onwards and invite you to book a Discovery Call if you have any questions about working together!


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