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Audit your Online Presence

7 prompts to get you thinking about how you're showing up online

It's important to check in with yourself regularly and journalling is a great way to do this.

I don't journal very consistently, but I do enjoy jotting down my thoughts when I have the time and the right brain space to do so. Writing about my mood or the days events, tracking my menstrual cycle or excitedly scrawling the big ideas that have jumped into my head are some of the ways I use my many journals and notebooks to check in with myself.

Below are 7 Journal Prompts that will help provide some insight into the online presence of your Personal Brand or Small Business. It's good to remember that there is no right time to do this - but I find that when I think about journalling, there is usually a reason for it, so I try and get on with it before I find something else to do instead!

Woman with silver flowing dress walking across a  rustic wooden bridge in the woods
Bridget Ferguson by Celie Nigoumi. Sept '22

Prompts to help you Audit your Online Presence

Grab a cup of tea, one of the good snacks and your favourite notebook. Open up all of your social media accounts and your website on your computer and let's dive into it. Remember there are no right or wrong answers here - you do you.

1. Does your online presence feel aligned with your personality and brand values?

When you write captions for your social media posts, or comment other people's, are you using your voice, or are you speaking like someone else? Why?

2. Where are you showing up regularly?

Do you have a favourite platform that you to prefer to network and post on or do you find yourself just doom scrolling on all of them instead of actually showing up? Maybe you haven't opened up LinkedIn for months, but you connect with your audience on Facebook everyday - do you know why this is?

3. How do you feel when you use social media for your Personal Brand or Small Business?

Do you get anxious when you've not posted for a while and then make some random content just to remind people that you exist? Are you confident in your scheduling plan that engages your audience and regularly converts them into paying clients? Maybe you're in neither boat and have no interest in it at all!

4. Are your website and social media platforms consistent in tone and aesthetic?

Think about the fonts, colours, icons, graphics and images you use as well as the language (and emojis) that you put out there. Do they remain consistent across your entire online presence or do they change a lot? Does this matter to you and your audience? Do they change for a reason? Maybe you're using the 3 exact same phrases everywhere - is it working for you?

5. How is it helping you to achieve your goals?

Are you spending hours making reels that only get shown to 5 people when you could've spent that time actually doing the work that you enjoy or have a tight deadline for? I've been there!

Check your Website or CRM analytics, how many clients come from Google v Social Media?

Check your insights on Social Media platforms - are there any posts that have done surprisingly well recently?

6. What could you do differently?

Look back through the notes you've written for the above questions - is there anything that stands out that you could adjust to make showing up online work better for you?

7. Do you need help from an expert?

If you struggle with writing blog posts or text for your ' About Page' for your website, then a Copywriter such as Bonnie Harrington could be the answer to saving your precious time and ensuring your copy is consistent and streamlined.

Social media just not making sense to you at all? A consultation with a Marketing Consultant like The Whole Hog will help you to understand how it all works and how best to use it for your particular business.

Does making and posting content fill you with dread even though you know have great ideas? Maybe you just can't find the time to make it? Business Support from someone like Paulina Faron to help you strategically turn those golden nuggets of wisdom into eye-catching content which can be managed for you could be the ideal way to resolve these issues. A Scheduling App like could also be just what you need to ensure you are showing up regularly even when you're super busy.

Maybe you understand how it works, see people in your industry showing up amazingly well, regularly post content you think is useful for your audience but you just can't seem to get your personality across? It could well be time for a Brand Photography Session with someone who really understands how to capture you and your brand values authentically. I know a really great photographer actually, she's called Celie and she's pretty ace at creating a relaxed environment for to you show off how amazing you are.

Young woman sitting on a stool wearing floral dungarees
Sophie Lang by Celie Nigoumi

By deep diving into the thoughts and feelings towards parts of our business that we both love and may not love quite so much, we allow ourselves to understand what's going on behind the scenes of our own brains.

As we know, our minds can tell us all sorts of things that aren't true, so it often helps to make time and space to give it a real good talking to and see what conversations come out of it.

I hope this has helped you as much as it's recently helped me. Please do let me know if it brought up unexpected feelings or helped to clarify something you've been stuck on - I'd love to hear from you.


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