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Black and White Portraiture

I’ve started to include a few black and white versions of images in my galleries this year.

They feel raw, nostalgic and emotive, which are all feelings and energies that are important to express, even in a business setting.

For me, Personal Brand Photography is becoming less about super clean, perfect headshots, and more about providing you with the profound experience of being seen and appreciated for who you are.

With this, come images and videos that are real, personal and truly aligned to your values, personality and goals, giving you the confidence to show up authentically for your business.

Black and white portraiture may seem like an unusual way to do this when Branding is so often associated with particular colour palettes and visuals, but Personal Branding is all about you.

Expressing yourself honestly without the distractions of colour that we can so often hide behind may feel daunting, but whoever is in front my camera is usually too relaxed and involved in the process of being seen to even consider how the images look.

It's often only after, when they receive the gallery that they realise just how eye-opening the experience has been for them.

How much they were able to let go and just be themselves, and have someone there to capture it.

Not only that, but actually like it. Like what they see when they were able to do that. Like how they look when they're not concerned about the outside world or how much their teeth are showing.

Like themselves.

All I ask of my clients, is to trust that this meaningful self-expression will support you in connecting with the work that you’ve been dreaming of.

It's not all about work though - it's about connecting with yourself too.

Finding alignment between work, life, values, rest, exploration and everything else we favour.

Can you see yourself amongst these images?

In need of an experience where you feel present, grounded and aligned with yourself?

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