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Brand Photography for Bristol Artist, Sarah Dowling

I am so excited to share a small selection of the images I made with Sarah, an artist in Bristol!

A brilliant nature-inspired illustrator, Sarah asked me to capture her working processes as well as relaxed lifestyle imagery in her home and garden. We also made video clips to be easily made into reels!

Our plan included scenes such as: choosing reference images, sketching, scanning art work, zoom calls with clients, arranging flowers and homeware, reading, planting out veggies and watercolour painting in the garden.

We were so lucky to shoot on a beautifully overcast day with sunshine greeting us towards the end. We had music playing and great chats about being artists, falling in love with flowers and stepping in front of the camera. I left Bristol with a huge smile on my face that day!

I’ve loved seeing Sarah sharing these images to confidently introduce and showcase the services she offers and what goes on behind the scenes.

A screenshot of a website featuring a woman sitting on a sofa with a painted wall behind her
Sarah Dowling - About Page

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