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Brand Photography for Transformational Coach - Anna Griffiths

Brand imagery is an amazing tool to help your audience understand exactly who you are and what you’re about, before they read a single word.

As a transformational coach, Anna’s clients are often going through a shift when they start to work together, so it’s important that they feel supported and connected to themselves from the get go.

Alignment, self-discovery, potential and freedom were some of the values of Anâhata Coaching that we wanted to express within this Brand Photography Experience.

We did this in 3 main ways:

🌻 Choosing locations with unique features like the beautiful lake and this stunning old church window, we explored a grounding approach to both work and nature.

🌻 During our session we listened to a playlist I made from Anna’s questionnaire answers that included Nick Mulvey, Nessie Gomez, Cat Stevens and Blondie. This inspired some *excellent* dancing and helped us really feel the strong but gentle energy we wanted to portray.

🌻 Making creative, playful images that aren’t just portraits. It was really important to us that the gallery was full of movement and artful, soulful images alongside the more classic headshots and portraits to further express the freedom within Anna’s transformational work.

I'm now booking Brand Photography Experiences from September to December.

My clients usually secure their booking at least one month before our photography session, to make the most of my expertise.

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