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Confidence is an act of rebellion

Confidence is an act of rebellion

The capitalist agenda is designed to make us feel unworthy

So we buy their products

To feel better about ourselves

To have more confidence

Only to tell us that next, we have to fix our grey hairs

Our wrinkles

Our stretch marks

Our eyebrows

Our productivity levels

But what would happen if we chose to feel confident in our own skin?

To make decisions about our bodies and our lifestyle based on our personal wants, desires and goals, not the ones we’ve been told to have?

That’s rebellion

And that’s bloody powerful

I am a firm believer that photography is another almighty way to empower ourselves

By showing the world who we are at this very moment

And saying actually, I quite like myself, thank you very much

The scar on my knee when I fell out of that tree

This mole by my lip

My curly hair with a mind of its own

But remember,

We don’t have to be completely and totally head-over-heels in love with ourselves to live confident, authentic lives

We can choose to be proud of ourselves right now

We can choose to acknowledge that we grow and develop on our own terms and in our own time

Investing in a transformative experience rather than a conglomerate product

Is wildly more valuable

That’s true self-kindness

That’s true self-compassion

That’s true self-love


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