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How do I prepare for a photoshoot?

Having a camera in front of your face is a little daunting and scary, but giving yourself time to prepare and relax before a session will help you feel comfortable and relaxed in no time.

read my style guide

You'll be sent this weeks before your shoot, so will have plenty of time to go through it, and decide on your outfit, accessories, and overall aesthetic. I'm also just on the other side of WhatsApp if you want to send me any snaps of clothes you're choosing between. The guide is full of helpful tips on posing, what to bring and even has an FAQ section for any small questions that are niggling you.

keep calm

If our shoot is in the morning, lay out your clothes the night before, settle on a make up look, and don't forget to choose those shoes! Try to have an early night (easier said than done I know) and get up with plenty of time to prepare and travel to our location. I usually get there a bit early, so if you want to also arrive early, I'll be more than happy to have a wander and a chat with you before we start!

If our shoot is in the afternoon - take the day off! Don't fill your morning with errands and activities that will inevitably have you checking your watch and building anxiety about the day. Just chill ma dude.


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