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A human approach to Professionalism

I think almost every person I work with writes somewhere in their questionnaire that they want to appear friendly, approachable and personable but also professional and like they ‘know what they’re doing’.

This is totally logical.

Young woman in orange and blue jumper designed by herself, smiling and looking left
Evie Daines of Daines Atelier by Celie Nigoumi '22

You can’t grow a successful personal brand or small business with only one of these attributes. You really do need to practice and showcase both.

If you produce exceptional work but have a poor communication style, then who would want to hire you when the next person makes work that's just as effective and also responds kindly and promptly whilst doing it?

The same idea works the other way around, if you are bubbly, smiley and attentive to your clients, but the work you make for them isn't actually the work they needed doing, then they aren't likely to recommend you or leave a good review.

Of course, these are not the only important values we hold as self employed people, but they are probably two of the checkboxes highest on the list of attributes of your dream clients as they choose which copywriter, photographer, interior designer or bespoke jewellery maker to work with.

I know I don't need to really explain this to you because you should very well know that you are both an expert in your field and a damn good person to work and go to the pub with (round of pool anyone?).

Woman with blonde hair and blue and orange jumper smiling
Somerset Brand Photographer with Evie Daines