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Somerset Brand Photographer with Kym Netherton

Feeling comfortable and secure when you're about to be emotionally vulnerable with someone is incredibly important. This first impression starts before you even meet - it starts online through the images presented of this person - so they have to be just right. Kym needed warm, friendly and encouraging portraits for her audience to see how kind and gentle she is.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kym, who is both a yoga teacher with an emphasis on play and mindfulness, and a Psychotherapeutic counsellor specialising in eating disorders and body image.

We aimed to create portraits, action and working lifestyle images that Kym could use on her website and social media to show how her work interlinks whilst being separate within themselves.

how to choose your shoot location

Our first location was at an amazing house belonging to a friend of Kym's.. A stunning property with huge windows, and an excellent kitchen where we could capture Kym working at her laptop, holding a mock zoom call, and hanging out with the dogs! This place was ideal because of the natural light, and the uncluttered aesthetic suited the calm vibe we were going for very well.

We then drove to a nearby woods which had such wondrous and positive energy flowing through it. Kym chose this spot because she comes here regularly to walk, think and breathe in nature and so knew of some brilliant areas to take me!

Two outfits here made the world of difference. One for a casual looking stroll, and one epic catsuit that Kym wears for her Yoga sessions. This meant we could make two very different types of images in one location that suited both of Kym's work lines seamlessly.

We then went to our final location - the studio where Kym teaches her sessions from via Zoom and in person. The lighting here was a little challenging, but we both love how they came out. Showing off the incredible moves Kym can make, whilst making the Zoom aspect of her courses clear was really fun, and I am still in awe of her skills.

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