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Recognition - Brand Photography for Frome Writer Izzy Arcoleo

A couple of weeks ago I met Izzy at her house for a Personal Brand session to make images for her new website. We had an absolute ball and by the end of our shoot, my cheeks literally hurt from laughing so much!

Scroll down for the message I received when I delivered Izzy’s Full Gallery of images.

“Thank you so much for these photos. You’ve captured some moments that really feel like me, and that also feel like the way I want my clients to see me…and the whole experience was just lovely and fun! I have no idea how you managed to make me feel at ease in spite of the camera in your hands, but you did.

I especially love the series of photos with the bookshelves behind. And actually, my favourite - the one that really feels like you captured ME - is the one where I’m holding the bass and looking at the camera and not quite smiling - I recognise that person!”

This is exactly why I love what I do.

Supporting people to see themselves in a way that they may have never before - or not for a really long time - is an incredibly valuable position to be in. This recognition is more important than you know.

It can feel really scary at first - filling in a contact form or sending an email that means:

“I want you to look at me deeply and capture the moments, the feelings, the story and the spirit you find.”

But what comes from that initial discomfort can be transformative.

If you embrace the process with all your heart and tell the universe that you’re ready to shine, then shine you most definitely will.

Izzy Arcoleo is a Frome-based writer whose main body of work comprises of content + ghostwriting for thought leaders, change makers, movers-and-shakers.

Her new website is absolutely brilliant and I'm so glad to have helped bring it to life.

Do you have a new website on the cards? Maybe youre About Page is in need of a glow up or you're looking for a transformative experience. Book a call with me using the button below - I'd love to hear from you wherever stage you are at.


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