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The Sunflower Series

Does self-promotion give you the ick?

This series of workshops will give you the tools to show up more authentically within your business. Social media marketing will feel less overwhelming, and way more fun.

For those who don't know me yet....Hi I'm Celie!

I’m a Personal Brand Photographer & Mentor for soul-led entrepreneurs across the UK.

Over 100 self-employed folk have already boosted their confidence and elevated their online presence through my unique Brand Photography Experiences.

In The Sunflower Series, I put down the camera and use my expertise in personal branding and

person-first marketing, to help you and your business flourish.

Throughout the series, you'll learn how to:

☀️ Embrace a more creative way to promote yourself online 

☀️ Build an engaged audience on Instagram

☀️ Grow your confidence about showing up as your authentic self in-person and online 

☀️ Use social media to promote yourself in a way that feels good, and avoids burnout 

In this first workshop, 'How to Show Up Authentically in Your Business’, we’ll cover:

✅ Why it’s essential to be true to yourself online

✅ Creating relatable and useful content that feels right for you

✅ How to build your confidence to share this content online

✅ Some key points on using Instagram to help reach your goals

It's designed for entrepreneurs who:

🌻 Experience a love-hate relationship with social media

🌻 Have big goals for 2024 that will require self-promotion

🌻 Would like a more engaged audience on Instagram

🌻 Feel overwhelmed by social media and don't know where to start

You'll leave feeling:

🎉 Excited to create and share authentic content that expresses your personality and brand values

🎉 Confident that you can use social media for your business without burning out

🎉 Ready to convert more of your dream clients in 2024

This workshop will take place at 12pm on Tuesday 23rd January via Zoom.

Recordings will be available if you can’t make the live session (as long as you've booked a ticket) so you can take in all the goodness in your own time.

A note to my Neurodivergent Friends:

As an ADHD gal myself, I understand how some workshops are made with Neurotypical brains in mind. Mine will be focused on providing clear, but exciting information to keep even the busiest of brains on track. Dopamine hits ahoy!

I'd love to see you there!

If you have any questions, please pop me a message at, or use the contact form here.


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