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What makes a good profile picture?

Choosing a single image that represents your personality, brand values and overall feeling that you want to portray at a single glance is not a small decision. It can feel overwhelming to think about, but here's some advice to help you relax and take action.

❓ Hair up?

❓ Hair down?

❓ Loads of makeup?

❓ A natural look?

❓ Plain background?

❓ Busy background?

❓ Very close up?

❓ Further away?

❓ What kind of lighting?

❓ Should I smile?

❓ Should I put on a more serious face?

❓ Do I use the same photo for every platform?

❓ Action shot?

❓ Posed image?

❓ Wait, how do I pose?

❓ Arms crossed?

❓ Hands in pockets?

❓ What do I wear?

❓ Is this dress too casual?

❓ Is this shirt too smart?

❓ Can’t I just put my logo instead?

How many times have you gone through these questions only to end up thinking:

“This is too confusing, I won’t bother changing it yet. I have other things to do anyway.”

Having a portrait to hand that makes you feel confident, empowered and proud is so important.

Not only is this the way your audience and dream clients will make their first impressions of you, but it also sets the tone for the rest of your visual identity. This will of course vary over time, but a portrait that appears on Professional Directories, Podcast Covers, Magazine Features & Printed Advertisements as well as Social Media and your Website, could end up being your most seen image(s).

This is why you should have a selection of images you just adore. Having one is great, having 20 is even better!

I'm often told by my clients that they have previously turned down amazing opportunities because they didn't have a single portrait they liked enough to accompany an article or feature that had been offered to them. I think this is such a shame, and an issue that I imagine could disproportionately affect women.

Get ahead of the game by investing now in a whole gallery of images that are ready to use to promote the values, expertise and experience you bring to your clients.

If you need support to change your profile picture or About Page photo to one you *truly* love then the Core’ package is for you.

📸 This is a one-hour session devoted to making portraits that you can’t wait to use.

⭐️ Before the shoot, you’ll answer a Questionnaire to help me learn more about you and your biz.

⭐️ We’ll then chat on the phone about your chosen location, styling and overall vibe we’re going for and I’ll answer any questions you have.

⭐️ During the shoot we’ll take a walk, or I’ll come to your house or rented space to make portraits that look and feel exactly how you’ve been wanting to present yourself.

⭐️ Within a few weeks, you’ll receive 20 brilliant portraits with a range of angles, expressions and backgrounds that you can share proudly!

Feel like you need more images so we can utilize a range of locations, outfits and activities?

📸 Just 12 of the awesome people I have had the pleasure of photographing in various spaces, lighting situations and positions with expressions, styles and colours that suit their personality and brand.


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