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What's stopping you?

Many of my clients tell me they've wanted to have their photographs taken for years, but have struggled to get over these three hurdles, so I am here to give you some answers as to why these are no longer reasonable obstacles!


I don't know what to wear

I send out a free style guide to all of my clients containing helpful information about the best textures, patterns, shapes and colours to include in your outfit. I also go into some detail on colour theory, and how to use these principles to best represent you and your brand. Also included, is guidance on posing, which is very useful for a bit of pre-shoot mirror practice, so you can feel more confident on the day. I tend to shoot 50% candid, and 50% posed shots to get a good balance between more professional-looking headshots, and more fun, character oozing portraits!

I am also more than happy for you to send me your top choices on WhatsApp, so I can give you my thoughts on which outfits might be best for our session! I think I was a Personal Shopper in a previous life as I just love helping you choose what will best work for our chosen location, style and ultimate goal of the session. If we're going for a Woodland walk for example, you'll want to choose colours that will compliment the greens around you, like mustard or rust! If we're going to the beach, purples or maroons would work really well against the pale sand.

I dON't think i look my best right now

Well then, when exactly are you going to look your best? I don't know about you, but I', guilty of buying clothes that are just a bit too small, with the idea that in a months time, after I've stopped eating cake (HA) and started going to the gym (DOUBLE HA), they will fit and I will look AMAZING. Well, that has never happened. The clothes still don't fit and hang at the back of my wardrobes with the (charity shop) tags still on.

What I mean is that there is no point saving yourself for the time when you DO feel your best if you don't know when that will be, because frankly, it might never come. We are taught to always be looking for something bigger, better, thinner, smoother, brighter, bolder. But actually, you, as you are right this second, with a messy bun, no make up, chocolate sauce on your chin and your fourth cup of coffee in your hand, are amazing, perfect and spectacular. Yes, hopefully when you arrive to your shoot you'll have popped a bit of concealer on to hide that enormous spot that just came up this morning, but you don't need to wait or aim for a drastic change before we can make gorgeous pictures of you being you!

i can't afford it

Ah, yes, money worries, my old friend, my first love, my life long hobby. I recently decided to invest in the first piece of education since I left university in 2016, a Personal Brand Photography course. I was really nervous to spend such a big chunk of money in one go. Money I had worked really really hard to make, and to save, and to be able to use on something other than bills or a new clutch (for the car, not the red carpet). But as soon as I signed up and received my welcome email, I was overcome with relief and excitement that I was investing in me, my future, my goals and ambitions.

Asking for help can be really difficult, and paying for that help is even harder! But once we give in to the idea that we are worthy of that help, and fully deserve to embrace it, then a whole new world will open up to you.

I understand that money isn't freely available to everyone to use on whatever they fancy, so I have created three Branding, and three Portrait packages that I think cater for most budgets. I'm also happy to create a bespoke quote for you, if you need something extra special.

Professional imagery is an investment in yourself and your business. I think that we (women) are often told that celebrating ourselves is selfish, and unnecessary, especially if it costs decent money! But I am here to tell you that it absolutely is not. It's incredibly important in my opinion to landmark victories and be proud of who we are and what we have achieved. A photo shoot where you can dress up, prance around and have an awful lot of fun is definitely one of the best ways to do this!

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