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What is personal branding?

Brand photography is demonstrating the brilliance of your business through consistent, professional imagery that clearly emphasises your unique selling points and core values. Personal Branding is much the same, but for people who ARE their brand. This is common for freelancers like Photographers, Designers, Psychotherapists, Yoga Teachers, Hairdressers etc.

Why is it important?

People are super nosey. Before they hire you, they want to first know, like and trust you. The best way to help them to do this is by showing them exactly who you are and professional, intentional imagery is a great way to do this.


When you've searched for a Professional to hire, or looking for products to buy and you land on a website, do you look at their images, or their text first? What do their images say about them? Are they in focus and at a good resolution? Are they consistent in style and lighting? Do they match the aesthetic of the website, or are they clearly stock images? All these things we notice and judge without even realising!

Next time you're doing a Google search and comparing companies, take a minute to ask yourself these questions.


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