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Where can I use my images?

Using bespoke professional images that are consistently eye-catching and on-brand will not only tell your story, but it will also attract your dream clients.

Website page showing a woman sitting on a sofa alongside text
Sarah Dowling - About Page

But where specifically should you be using these images? Well, they have many more uses than you may think!

Your Website

It may seem obvious, but having at least one image from your Brand Shoot on every page will ensure your brand story is told seamlessly. Your About Page should have a portrait of yourself on it that you love, and a few action or lifestyle shots showcasing you at work too.

Profile Pictures on social media

I always love seeing small business profile pictures of the owners face, not their logo. It’s so much more personable and unique. Using the same, or very similar portraits (and bio information) across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn will ensure people know who you are by more than just your name.

Blog Posts and Newsletters

Are you regularly blogging and emailing your audience? You should be! I know that finding time for all the ‘behind the scenes’ work is hard, but when you have a whole gallery of images on hand that can inspire and illustrate your content, it becomes so much easier.

Social Media Content

Your Instagram grid is an amazing piece of free marketing! Imagine it like a retail window on Oxford Street - you can dress it however you like. Having this much creative control can be both super exciting and a bit overwhelming, but having a clear goal, plan of action and ready-made content is so helpful.


We’ve all had that dreaded “Please can you send over a photo of yourself” email when you’re working on a collaboration, appearing on a Podcast or have submitted an ad in a magazine or online space - but when you already have a bunch of portraits that look and feel just like you, it’s no longer a problem.


If you use a CRM system, there’s often an option to add a personalised banner to your clients workspace or portal. LinkedIn and Facebook also have these banners available to showcase your business front and centre!

Email Signatures

Adding a portrait to your email signature means your prospective client knows exactly who they’re talking to straight away.

Manuals or Digital Guides

If you send guides to clients as part of your working process, adding images showing them exactly what they can expect from working with you, or illustrating the valuable information you’re providing will not only make them look more professional, but they will be more engaging and personal too.


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