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Why is my Personal Brand Questionnaire so in-depth?

My Personal Brand Questionnaire has often been referred to as ‘therapy’.

While I don’t aim for this, I do understand where they’re coming from.

These questions goes far beyond your Brand Colours and a Pinterest Board (although I do adore looking through these!).

The aim of this Questionnaire is to support you to discover and creatively express:

🍁 Your why

🍁 Your inspirations

🍁 Your strengths & values

🍁 Where you feel at home

🍁 How you visualise your personal growth and career progression

🍁 The way you want to be seen

🍁 Who your audience is and how you can best reach and engage them

Developing these thoughts (and many more) will help us to create a Shoot Plan that captures your true essence, just as you imagine.

Are you ready to collaborate on this beautiful process with me?

Are you ready to be seen Flourishing unapologetically?

I'm now booking Brand Photography Experiences from late October to February.

My clients usually secure their booking at least one month before our photography session, to make the most of my expertise.

Book a Free Discovery Call to find out more!

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