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Sunflower Series Workshops

Visual Storytelling for Business Owners

Visual Storytelling for Business Owners


Throughout human civilisation, we’ve made connections, developed ideas and passed on knowledge through visual storytelling.


From cave paintings to hieroglyphics, renaissance paintings to Steven Spielberg movies - we’ve always used imagery to learn and entertain. It’s quite literally in our DNA. 


So, how can we, as business owners, utilise this innate communication tool?


The good news is that we already do!


We’re telling a valuable story when we share recent client projects, our business journey, or a photo from an inspiring walk.

The not-so-good news is that many of these brilliant stories are scrolled past because they just aren’t grabbing the attention they deserve.

To appeal to, and hold the attention of our ideal clients, we need to communicate in an intentional and visually engaging way.


This workshop is for you if:

🌻  You’re a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer or founder

🌻  You’re keen to transform the overwhelming task of content creation into intentional and enjoyable storytelling

🌻  You have a gallery of professional brand photography and/or make your own images and videos to use in your marketing

🌻  You have a lot to say, but struggle to say it due to lack of confidence, or storytelling skills


We'll cover:

✅  Why visual storytelling is so important for your business

✅  How to plan and structure a cohesive story

✅  How to create an engaging story from pre-made or new visuals

✅  The best places to share different types of stories


You'll leave with:

🎉  At least one structured story with a list of key shots to use for your business

🎉 A visual storytelling framework to use over and over again

🎉 Enthusiasm about making creative ‘content’ more effectively

The link to this pre-recorded workshop will be sent to you via email after after checkout.

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