Hi! I'm Celie, a Freelance Photographer based in glorious Frome, Somerset.


After graduating university with a First Class degree in Visual Communication, I worked as an In-House Photographer for two well-known brands before pursuing a career focusing on the style of Photography that I love.


What's that you're thinking? It's relaxed and friendly photography sessions in a beautiful location using natural light to provide you with images you can proudly share and use for all your business and personal needs.


My photographic background lies in documentary photography which lends itself very well to a natural, no-pressure style of portraiture. I have developed a quick eye for detail and great technical know-how which means I can capture the important moments just as they happen. 

I have worked with many businesses to level up their website and social media platforms with creative, on brand, and eye catching content. Pop me an email for a chat about how we can use imagery to make the most of your marketing tools. 

Aside from making images, I love attempting to play the ukulele, and have recently got into Lino printing and growing my own vegetables at home with various success - any tips are greatly appreciated! 

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