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The Illumination Session

1:1 support to clarify your brand

90 minutes of reflection, guidance and support

in a space where you feel empowered to make bold decisions

so you can become unstuck and start moving forward again

I booked Celie for an Illumination Session when I was feeling overwhelmed and confused within my business.


Celie asked seemingly simple but hard questions that really made me evaluate and reflect on my business in a very effective way. Her approach is beautifully calm but firm, a balance that I find is hard to get right.


I left our call with an actionable plan, feeling inspired and understood.


Celie helped me gain much needed clarity about what I wanted from my business and supported me to take the next steps.


Self employment can be lonely and confusing but Celie is a light in that darkness. She is such a warm soul whilst being extremely knowledgeable and pragmatic. I can’t thank her enough!

Emily Joan


The Illumination Session Includes:

A Questionnaire to encourage you to consider and evaluate your business and any challenges you’re facing


90 Minutes of personalised support via Zoom or in-person. A recording of this will also be sent to you.


A Reflection Sheet with a detailed summary of our session and an actionable plan to move forward with

I'll help you to...

Clarify your values and strengths


Discover your niche


Align yourself with your brand on a deeper level


Convert your ideas into successful services


Promote your business with confidence and authenticity

Hi, I'm Celie - I provide the gentle, yet impactful support you've been searching for.


I help ambitious business owners like you, discover and awaken the power lying just beneath the surface.


By asking the right questions in a safe, judgement-free space, you’ll recognise how your passions, experiences and expertise can work to your advantage.


100+ self-employed folk have already boosted their confidence and elevated their online presence through my unique Brand Photography Experiences.


In The Illumination Session, I put down the camera and use my expertise in personal branding and creative problem-solving to provide you with the tools to grow a business with deep-rooted alignment and intention.

Celie helped me crystallise my true wants for my business and future career path and she aided me in shaping that vision and created a step-by-step template to help me get where I want to be.

During and after the session, I felt this fire in me that I hadn’t felt for a long time - it was the spark of total inspiration…I’ve missed the glowing feeling that gives me and I have Celie to thank for it.


Without her guidance I would still feel lost and confused as to where to begin; now I feel determined, hopeful and (for the first time ever) actually excited about my future!

Izzi Woollet

Graphic Designer

These sessions are personalised to meet your needs.
You could use your time to:

Ask me one big question or lots of smaller ones

Gain feedback on your Brand Identity

Bounce around ideas for new or transforming services

Refine your working process with strategic energy-saving tips

Understand how to use social media in a way that feels right for you

Book your Illumination Session now for

To stay accountable and confident in your progress or to ask any extra questions that may arise, Follow-Up Sessions are available for

Or plan ahead and save £25 by booking both sessions at once for

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