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"I don't think I look my best right now"

Your unique combination of skills, experiences and expertise is what your audience really cares about. That’s why they follow you, or have clicked on your blog post or website.

They want to hear about your thoughts, advice and offers to see if you can help them.

Learning more about the human behind the business however, is an incredibly valuable bonus.

Sharing your face and your personality with your audience, invites them to connect with you on a deeper level.

Whether that’s through a quick chat on Stories or Professional Brand Photography, your audience will always grow to know, like and trust you, far quicker and more passionately, than if they don’t have a clue who is behind the brand.

Once you’ve built that stronger connection, you will convert more of your dream clients, your confidence will shine and you’ll be well on your way to achieving those incredible goals!

Hold up, why am I telling you this….how does it relate to the original point?

Because I want you to answer this question.

Is it fair on yourself to avoid saying ‘YES’ to opportunities, inviting connection, growing your business and elevating your brand because of how you think you look?

We have been taught to always aim to be thinner, smoother, brighter & bolder. But, you, as you are right this second, with a messy bun, no make-up and chocolate on your chin, are perfect.

Would you tell your friends that they need to drastically change themselves, buy a whole new wardrobe, get a hair cut and lose 3 stone before they book a Photoshoot?

Of course not! So why would you say it to yourself?

Remember, we don’t have to be completely and totally head-over-heels in love with ourselves to live confident, authentic lives.

We can choose to be proud of ourselves right now.

We can choose self-kindness.

We can choose self-compassion.

I wish I could tell you that the process of loving yourself and feeling confident about always being yourself is a piece of cake, but I would be lying to you. I also wouldn’t know what completing that process feels like…does anyone?

What I can tell you from my own personal experience, and from what my clients have told me, is when you trust your Photographer, the nervous thoughts about how you look in front of the camera, just slip away.

I support all of my clients through the process of being seen throughout the entire Experience.

Throughout the Planning Process, we chat multiple times over Zoom where I can answer any questions you have and invite you to share how you’re feeling about everything! I’ve most likely heard and felt it myself so you’re safe to express these feelings with me.

During the Photography Session we have regular check-ins and breaks to regulate our nervous systems with movement, tea and whatever else we need. We listen to a bespoke playlist whilst working through our Shoot Plan and I offer gentle direction so you’re always clear on what’s happening next.

When you receive your Gallery, I’ll send you a Viewing Guide, which I designed to support you when seeing your images for the first time. Although this is such an exciting time, I recognise it can also feel a little daunting, so the Guide is there for you to refer to as and when you need it.

Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith before we feel a million percent ready and realise that actually we can do the thing!

Sometimes we need to retreat into ourselves, do a little inner work, and come back to the scary thing another time.

If you need a little help deciding if you’re ready, please reach out here. The final decision is always yours, but if you’re a verbal thinker like me, it can be handy to chat it through with someone.

I'm now booking Brand Photography Experiences from April onwards and invite you to book a Discovery Call if you have any questions about working together!


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