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"Help! I have nothing to wear!"

I can tell you without a doubt, that the very best way to show your authentic self is by being comfortable in your skin, clothes and surroundings.

Here's how I help you do that...

support all of my clients to prepare for our session by sending a Style & Preparation guide well in advance. (We’ll also chat about where and when you feel most comfortable during our Planning Call!)

The guide includes prompts like…

  • Which clothes are you most impatiently waiting to dry after being washed so you can wear them again?

  • What colours are you always drawn to?

  • Which dress or pair of jeans do you always feel great in?

I also invite you to send me your top choices on WhatsApp, for some extra personal feedback. I actually love it when clients do this - I think I’m a personal shopper in another life!

What other people in the industry wear, or what you’ve seen trending on Instagram is nowhere near as significant as what you enjoy wearing.

These are your photos, to express your personality and your business.

Why try and blend in?

Remember, your comfort will show up on camera as confidence and authenticity!

I'm now booking Brand Photography Experiences from April onwards and invite you to book a Discovery Call if you have any questions about working together!


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