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When did you last update the 'About' page on your website?

Was it a little longer ago than you’d like to admit? I totally get it!

Talking about yourself can feel like the hardest part of marketing your business, but it’s really important that the people who click on your website can get to know, like & trust you with ease.

Luckily, there’s something you can do which will IMMEDIATELY showcase your personality and passion - not only on your About page, but all over your website.

🌻 Bespoke Brand Photography 🌻

Your About Page should always include up to date visuals - which could be anything from portraits, to lifestyle and detail photography - to support the text that speaks to your ideal client.

Presenting yourself in this confident and professional way will always build more trust with your prospective clients than a huge wall of un-illustrated text, or a few phone snaps from a holiday 10 years ago.

Your client journey needs to be clear and easy, so don’t just tell them how amazing you are, show them!

These screenshots of my clients About pages show just how a sprinkling of professional imagery can make them really pop ✨

I would love nothing more than to help your About page come to life with imagery that expresses your true self.

I have two spaces left in February, two in March and two in April for a Personal Brand Photography Experience with me.

☎️ Use the button below to book a Free Discovery Call and let’s get started!


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