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This is what to do in the week before our Brand Photography Session


Our Photography Session is just a week away and although you’re a little nervous (totally normal btw), you’re mostly *very* excited to get stuck into the detailed Shoot Plan I’ve created for us.

You know that the whole vibe feels authentically you and you're ready to step in front of my camera - here are the only 3 things I need you to focus on before our Session!

  1. Read back through the Style & Prep Guide again. There’s great tips in there to support you in feeling calm and confident on the day.

  2. Organise your outfits and props a few days in advance. Hanging them up somewhere visible will help you to get even more excited about wearing them for this special occasion. I also invite you to Whatsapp me photos of the options if you’re struggling to choose!

  3. Remember why you’re doing this. Acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that come up but remind yourself that you deserve to take up space, be seen and invest in support to achieve your goals.

Bonus tip, take it or leave it (you’re gonna wanna take it though)…

Plan down-time before and after our Photography Session, whether that’s for the whole day, or a few hours. You’ll be grateful for allowing yourself to relax into the experience, and then reflect on it afterwards.

Before you know it, I’ll be sending you a gallery of beautiful bespoke images to show the world who you are, and what you do!

I'm now booking Brand Photography Experiences from April onwards and invite you to book a Discovery Call if you have any questions about working together!


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