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The Sunflower Series


Does self-promotion give you the ick?

This series of workshops will give you the tools to show up more authentically within your business. Social media marketing will feel less overwhelming, and way more fun!


Recordings of each are available to purchase so you can take in all the goodness at your own pace. 

Throughout the series, you'll learn how to:


☀️ Embrace a more creative way to promote yourself online 

☀️ Build an engaged audience 

☀️ Grow your confidence about showing up as your authentic self in-person and online 

☀️ Use social media to promote yourself in a way that feels good, and avoids burnout 


If you don't know me yet, Hi, I'm Celie!

I’m a Personal Brand Photographer for soul-led entrepreneurs across the UK.


Over 100 self-employed folk have already boosted their confidence and elevated their online presence through my unique Brand Photography Experiences.


In The Sunflower Series, I put down the camera and use my expertise in personal branding and

mindful self-promotion to help you and your business flourish.

Previous Workshops

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What's it all about?


Throughout human civilisation, we’ve made connections, developed ideas and passed on knowledge through visual storytelling.


From cave paintings to hieroglyphics, renaissance paintings to Steven Spielberg movies - we’ve always used imagery to learn and entertain. It’s quite literally in our DNA. 


So, how can we, as business owners, utilise this innate communication tool?

Ready for some more good news?

Since graduating with a First Class Degree in Visual Communication in 2016, my career has revolved around storytelling.

I’ve worked as a marketing assistant, social media manager and In-House Photographer for global and independent brands, whilst building my own business as a Freelance Photographer.

Now, I help business owners to share their stories with eye-catching and authentic photography & film.

I’ve compiled all of this experience and expertise into my next Sunflower Series workshop, ‘Visual Storytelling for Business Owners’.

The live workshop will be on Thursday 28th March at 11am on Zoom and there will be a recording sent to everyone with a ticket.

The good news is that we already do!


We’re telling a valuable story when we share recent client projects, our business journey, or a photo from an inspiring walk.

The not-so-good news is that many of these brilliant stories are scrolled past because they just aren’t grabbing the attention they deserve.

To appeal to, and hold the attention of our ideal clients, we need to communicate in an intentional and visually engaging way.


This workshop is for you if:

🌻  You’re a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer or founder

🌻  You’re keen to transform the overwhelming task of content creation into intentional and enjoyable storytelling

🌻  You have a gallery of professional brand photography and/or make your own images and videos to use in your marketing

🌻  You have a lot to say, but struggle to say it due to lack of confidence, or storytelling skills


We'll cover:

✅  Why visual storytelling is so important for your business

✅  How to plan and structure a cohesive story

✅  How to create an engaging story from pre-made or new visuals

✅  The best places to share different types of stories


You'll leave with:

🎉  A solid understanding of what makes a successful visual story

🎉  At least one structured story with a list of key shots to use for your business

🎉  Multiple visual storytelling frameworks to use over and over again



“I really enjoyed the 'How to Show up More Authentically in your Business' workshop!


It was refreshing to see something that was focused on the feeling of using social media for business, rather than just the numbers…


I’ve already made a big note on my phone with ideas that feel more aligned with what I want to say…


It also helped me come to a big realisation of why I worry about what I post...”

Rosie Burns


Previous Workshops

SS 01 Cover.png

The first workshop provides a broad overview of ‘How to Show Up More Authentically in Your Business’.

It covers:


✅ Why it’s essential to be true to yourself online 

✅ Creating relatable and useful content that feels right for you

✅ How to build your confidence to share this content online 

✅ Some key points on using Instagram to help reach your goals

You'll leave feeling:


🎉 Excited to create and share authentic content that expresses your personality and brand values

🎉 Confident that you can use social media for your business without burning out

🎉 Ready to convert more of your dream clients in 2024



Click here to purchase the recording of this workshop

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