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Somerset Brand Photographer with Sophie Lang - Founder of Leisurely

Leisurely is an exciting new brand offering silky soft, sustainable bedsheets to those who want their time in bed to be both luxurious and carefully sourced.

After over a year of hard work, designing and manufacturing the best product she could - Sophie is now ready to launch Leisurely to the world via a Kickstarter campaign. I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to photograph these wonderful sheets and make a video to show off their best qualities.

What I really love about Leisurely, is that the entire process - from material sourcing to manufacturing has fairness at its core. Not only are the sheets are made from Tencel, which uses sustainably sourced Eucalyptus (which uses far less water than cotton) but Sophie has also ensured she works with a factory whose workers are looked after and paid a fair wage. This attention to detail, and care for both the planet and the industry makes this brand one to watch.

Lois arranging flowers
Somerset Brand Photographer with Leisurely

what is kickstarter?

If you have an excellent business plan but need some extra funding to make it a reality, then Kickstarter is a really good way to generate this support. This is done by offering supporters a special offer, or bundle of products in exchange for donations to get your business up and running.

Another great way to shout about your new business is with a Brand Video! Here's the Kickstarter Campaign video I made for Leisurely - it lets people know all about the company from the founder themselves.

Our first shoot day was in London, where we photographed each colour-way with natural lighting to create a soft and dreamy look.

Woman carrying flowers
Somerset Brand Photographer with Leisurely

Woman holding British flowers in Flower field
Somerset Brand Photographer with Leisurely

Focusing on both detail and lifestyle shots make the imagery effortlessly blend together. Telling your story in an authentic and beautiful way with consistent, on-brand photographs is one of the best marketing tools around, and not an investment to skip when setting up your business.

Amongst all these gorgeous lifestyle images, we can't forget to make portraits of the founder themselves. Sophie started Leisurely when she was living a fast paced life in London, with no room for the rest and relaxation she craved. Sophie told me that moving to Bristol and intentionally embracing a slower, calmer routine whilst working on creating a brand that reflects her values has been a game changer. During her time working in Fashion, Sophie saw how fast fashion, and it's broken processes create unnecessary waste and damage to the planet and the people involved. Vowing to steer away from this and offer products where the whole process is as clean, transparent and sustainable as possible has been Sophie's goal in making Leisurely.

I love being creative with lighting and aesthetics. We tried to avoid an overly clean and perfected look, opting for a more casual, hazy and relaxed vibe which is synonymous with slow living.

We then went to one of the places that inspired Sophie's dream of creating a sustainable brand. Making images in a location so emotive to my clients is always super special, and helps to create imagery oozing with character and energy.

Somerset Brand Photographer with Sophie Lang - Founder of Leisurely


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